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Venice, Viareggio or Bagolino, which Carnival do you prefer?

There are several ways to celebrate Carnival in Italy, each one has its own style and custom.
All of them originate from historical traditions and what we admire during the Carnival festival is the result of a very long manual labour. The same happens here at Marinoni, where the objects are the fruits of the tradition and are handcrafted with love.

The Carnival of Venice 

Let’s start from the most famous one, the Carnival of Venice. Carnival is commonly the time of the year where all society differences are leveled - people could even make fun of authority and aristocracy. Today’s Carnival of Venice attracts thousands of tourists every year from all over the world, they can admire and also wear the spectacular typical masks. We matched this Carnival style with the Marinoni baroque pewter charger as during the 17th century, the baroque carnival was a way to save the glorious image of Venice worldwide.

The Carnival of Viareggio

The Carnival of Viareggio tastes like the sea and the coming summer and it is characterized by the multicolored and irreverent floats. The serenity and quietness of the Tuscan sea make a contrast with the variety of bold colours of the political caricature. That’s why we combined it with the Marinoni pewter and glass pitcher, which is clear and simple yet suitable to serve multicoloured juices. 

The Carnival of Bagolino

The Carnival of Bagolino is the one we know the best as it has its roots in the area of Brescia. It boasts ancient origins and its symbols are the “Mascher” (people wearing masks and costumes that are exact replicas of the old traditional male and female clothing) and the “Balarì” (masked dancers wearing white masks, wonderful traditional costumes and elegant hats). The Balarì represent the holy and aristocratic section of the society. Accompanied by the Sunadur (musicians), they perform suggestive folkloristic dances. The Mascher, by contrast, play the role of the joking, poor people; they also stage the simple and traditional old manual works. We thought the Marinoni object that better combines with the Carnival of Bagolino is the small pewter pitcher with crests which is an exact replica of the Dutch original one from the XVIII century.

Which is your favourite Carnival? Is there any other that better reflects your style?

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