venerdì 13 ottobre 2017

Autumn's gifts, table and food ideas by Marinoni

Autumn brings us a lot of gifts: colours, scents, flavours, and vibes that you only find in this time of the year and that are well represented by some fruits. 

We got inspired by these autumnal fruits to create our new photo gallery and experiment some recipes. Pumpkins, chestnuts, walnuts, pears, and dried figs. Keep on following us on Facebook to see our next recipes! 

The pumpkin soup – which recipe will be posted soon - is served in the ceramic bowl with pewter rim, placed on a plain plate – a reproduction of the plate so called “à venaison”, which adorned the XVII and XVIII Century European tables. To appreciate the soup in all its flavour you’ll also need the right spoon

In the background you can see the pewter and ceramic dipping bowl – perfect for spices and herbs – and the little pewter bowl with a tiny spoon for salt or sugar. The adorable glass and pewter bottle contains the extra-virgin olive oil. 

Chestnuts are the main autumnal representative fruit and they are the perfect ingredient for delicious recipes that can warm your heart and lift your spirit. It is not that easy to peel them though: we suggest you use this classic and elegant knife to do it. 

We served the chestnuts in the handmade in Italy Marinoni pewter bowl with handles… 

 …but they also look so nice on this graceful and refined footed bowl

Walnuts bring unique benefits, and we love the tradition to crack open and taste them with friends. They represent a versatile ingredient for many tasty recipes – we will be sharing our own very soon. In this picture they’re featured in the pewter and ceramic bowl with handles

And then the pears, that remind us of the summer scents and colours and they gently lead us to Autumn tones. What about you? What is you favourite pear based recipe? 

And finally, we couldn’t not include dried figs, featured here in a graceful pewter bowl

There are many more fall fruits, we featured only some of them here. You’ll see our recipes on Facebook and in our newsletter shortly.

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