martedì 7 marzo 2017

Spring is in the air, new ideas are blooming

A breath of fresh air to our collection, the table is the star of our 2017 introductions. 

Pewter and ceramic merge in the Duetto collection that continues its great success and grows – see the new clean and elegant brand new products. Also the wonderful combination between pewter and glass stylishly updates while new pewter accessories enhance our offer. 


See the new products in our four entertaining theme Tablescape ideas.

As bread can’t miss from Italians table, here you’ll find the pewter and ceramic bread plate, the new oval bread dish and the rectangular bowl.


Isn’t it breakfast the most important meal of the day? Preparing a special breakfast makes your day starting the right way and Marinoni suggests table accessories that give warmth, serenity and energy to your morning, such as the pewter and ceramic rectangular tray,  the new creamer&sugar set,  the small lovely glass pitcher with pewter base and the cachepot (a refined touch to the houseplants that positevely affect the enviroment that surround us).

Beauty is found in details – the essence is enhanced by the adornments. Healthy dressings is the third theme of our 2017 new collection: the new pewter & glass parmesan cheese bowl with a matching spoon, even in the elegant smooth shape version, the new oil and vinegar cruet and this pretty pair of oil and vinegar bottles that sits perfectly on any table.

Don’t forget that people are always the core: each item lives and gives energy when it’s used and shared. Nurture your friendships and find new ones by entertaining. Find Marinoni party appetizers ideas here such as the new set of 6 appetizer "shell" forks, the pretty pewter small compote, the stylish glass ice bucket with pewter base, the couple of duetto compotes perfect to serve ice cream or appetizers too, and a restyle of the classical shell shape spoon that can be used as an ice scoop and to serve sauces.


See here the whole 2017 new collection, you can shop online at

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