giovedì 22 gennaio 2015

New Styles & Tastes In Home Decor That Better Reflect Your Personality.

Our living habits and the spaces where we spend most of our time in are ever-changing. When we change and the surroundings don’t follow our growth, we feel uncomfortable and we are not able to express ourselves. Let your interior décor choices be inspired by new styles and tastes that reflect your evolution and positively affect it.

Follow Marinoni suggestions and find the way to live your home that better fits you. Here are four outfits for four different personalities.

The contemporary style always catches shapes and colors of design trends. Some of this style’s typical elements are: the Flos Miss K table lamp, the Foscarini Caboche suspended lamp, the B&B Charles sofa, the Marinoni pewter and alabaster-white tray and the Seven table designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. Among our collections the Volterra one perfectly matches the contemporary style. It combines pewter and milky white glass mixed with pure clearness and the final result is refined and elegant. Look at the mood board as a whole without concentrating on details and see if it fits your temper.

For those who live in the countryside, or just would like to and love the idea, the tip is to re-discover and renovate reclaimed wood. And old wood crate can be restored and become a piece of furniture. A wicker basket full of fresh fruit immediately recalls the bucolic setting. The pewter & ceramic condiment caddy and the pewter appetizer spoons are perfect to serve jam or other home-made delicacies. A pastel color-painted vintage rocking chair is the final touch to let yourself be conquered by the farm house style.

Geometric patterns, pastel colors, white and gray and a touch of natural light wood: all these elements identify the Nordic style, where houses have pointed roofs so that are snow proof and days are completely dark or extraordinarily bright. TheTablo three-legged round coffee table with a simple design by Nicholai Wiig Hansen for Normann Copenhagen and the square or rectangular pewter bowls perfectly embrace this style. Look at the pastel colors and geometric pattern on the handled basket by Ferm Living too. If you think this is your mood then candlesticks become essential to warm up the atmosphere as soon as it gets dark.

As we mentioned in our New Year’s Day post, “Paris is always a good idea” (Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina). The shabby chic style originates from Provence in the south of France though, and it’s influenced by Mediterranean elements but also picks up something from Parisian Luis XIV architecture. The shabby chic furniture enhance the natural wear of aging and objects are often intentionally aged to get an antique look. The pewter coffee pot and sugar bowl with antique finishing are the perfect completion in an afternoon tea theme party. If you add few hearts, the letters that write the word love and a baroque chandelier you will be completely absorbed in this atmosphere.

Chose your style!
Which one of these four moods do you like the most? Let us know if you found the right inspiration in order to be inspired and design your interiors. Otherwise, if you would like to receive new ideas about a different style, let us know and we will create a mood board just for you!

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