mercoledì 19 ottobre 2016

Tips and treats to style the Halloween party table

October is running out, why don't organize an Halloween party? Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble. Here is our formula: use natural elements such as metal, stone, earth and sand. We suggest pewter, slate, ceramic and glass. Of course pumpkin is always under the spotlight!

Wands at the ready, swish and flick. See three spells you can use:

1 - Magical and sophisticated 

Ingredients: soft hues, fairy lights, refined objects, white pumpkin, pewter and glass.

2 - Rural 

Ingredients: raw wood, traditional pumpkin, orange color, a touch of country, pewter and ceramic.

3 -Black and mysterious  

Ingredients: contemporary mood, dark colors, spooky details, candle light, pewter and slate.

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