martedì 9 aprile 2019

Marinoni and LE PETIT PLAISIR, a meeting of wholesome values

LE PETIT PLAISIR is an Italian brand founded by Daniele and Arianna, a brother and a sister who share the common passion for sourcing personal care natural products created by skilled craftsmen.

Marinoni creations are perfectly in harmony with LE PETIT PLAISIR's natural products and together they share their core values of handcraft, quality, and authenticity. Both believe in and support small artisan workshops, in full respect of the environment.

We have carefully selected some products for a Special Edition Bundle, which you'll find on our website in the special category LE PETIT PLAISIR. Here's a preview.

Shampoo and Body Wash 

Donkey Milk Skin Care 

Lavender Soap Bar

Body Wash & Soap Dispenser

Scented Natural Soaps with Argan Oil

Discover the complete collection we've selected and we offer in this Special Edition:

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