mercoledì 12 settembre 2018

Autumn, a sweet return to the kitchen.

When the clean, fresh autumn breeze arrives, home soon becomes the favourite place to be. The kitchen becomes a warm and cosy shelter where we can take the flavours of summer and preserve them, so that we can enjoy them all year round, with family and friends. 

Keep a last little taste of summer alive by turning blackberries into jam. We couldn’t help using some for our homemade blackberries crostata.

We’ve used our pewter and glass jam pot in our composition.

Blackberries are served in the Marinoni pewter bowl - which is also perfect to offer appetizers, candies or ice cream - using one of our handcrafted teaspoons.  

We presented our crostata on a smooth pewter dish and served it in the pewter and white ceramic dessert plate

We suggest using the pewter and stainless steel cake server to cut and plate the blackberries pie. 

So good! We immediately tried it with a nice cup of tea and it didn’t last long!

Detail makes the difference when it comes to table-setting, so don’t forget the dessert knife and a sprinkle of icing sugar. 

To top off the tasting we used the dessert fork

Fancy a slice? Any other ideas or suggestions?  

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