martedì 15 marzo 2016

How to set the table with the spring colors: 4 mood boards

Spring brings the colors back in our days, in our outfits, in the interior design and on the table. In order to leave the gloomy winter behind and open up the doors to spring as soon as possible, we can choose the objects that surround us and that we use everyday.

In this post we suggest 4 sets of Marinoni products, sorted by moodboards.

With the PINK we have:

With the BLUE the Marinoni product are:
With the GRAY we suggest:

Finally, with the BEIGE we suggest:
As an occasion for the spring, for all the products you see in these mood boards and more, we made a promotional coupon with a 20% discount. In order to receive it and to be informed about other promotions ahead sign up for our newsletter:

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