martedì 16 dicembre 2014

Style Your Home and Enhance Your Well-Being During the Winter Season

Wintertime is cold outside but we can warm it up from inside. Days are shorter and we spend more time at home, with family and friends. The way you decorate your home is one of the most important things for your well-being. In this post you'll find some pics and advices from Marinoni for giving the right style to your winter season.

Take advantage of the holiday season to keep in touch with the friends you couldn't meet for a long time. A hot pot of tea is what you need to break the ice and be back in confidence. And don't forget home made biscuits and candies! In the first pic you find the Marinoni pewter and glass cake stand.

Don't waste your time waiting for tomorrow, be happy today and enjoy the life with a smile on your face. The Marinoni hammered caviar bowl, the caviar spoon and the champagne glasses give a touch of elegance - the sparkling wine and caviar do the rest for the right atmosphere!

Panettone is the traditional italian winter cake, it comes from Milan and it is emblem of Christmas. Whatever will be your Christmas dessert or candy, surprise your guest by presenting it on a pewter and ceramic cake stand or in a pewter and alabaster white glass dessert plate. Gingerbread man are always welcomed too!

Don't let the evening last just the time of a dinner. Take your time, help the conversation with a good bottle of red wine - let the wine express its whole flavor while resting in a decanter. Artisanal cheese, rough bread and a toast are the perfect mates for a memorable Christmas night at home with friends.

These were just few tips and inspirations for living with style your home during the winter season. If you have any other advise or idea, please share it with us!

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